Nikki Mindy & Amanda Christine

14 December 2018


188 days since our family became complete.


Welcome to Nikki & Amanda's Wedding webite!
Please feel free to browse around.
It's almost time!
Time is moving fast and our BIG DAY is almost here!

Here are some house-keeping items to keep in mind:
-Wearing RED to a Chinese Wedding is equivalent to wearing white to an American wedding. Please steer clear of wearing RED out of respect to the couple.
-The Couple did NOT register for any gift registries for their Wedding Day. In Armenian tradition, no gifts are brought to the ceremony/reception. Monetary gifts are brought to the Couple to help pay for the extravagant party that follows the ceremony, allowing all to celebrate with the Newlyweds.  

Feel free to update your contact information (address, email, etc) and browse our Bio's & Family Information.
You can also request songs that you would like to here at the reception!

Thanks and can't wait to see you 12.14.18! 

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